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Michael Day

CEO & Founder

Michael is a tech-savvy international brand builder, product marketing and business development leader that has worked in startups, small-medium-enterprises and Fortune 500 companies before starting Global Ventures Group. He helps privately held and private equity startups, midsize and Fortune 500 companies grow by designing and implementing major growth initiatives in strategy, marketing, and business management in a way that will continue to drive top-line growth long after he has left the client’s growth initiative.

Michael brings a C-level market-based perspective to his clients and works as part of the leadership teams hands-on, to bring a growth strategy to life and to turn their brands into stronger performers.

This often means Michael is on the leadership team of 2-3 clients at once working along side of the leaders and investors 6 - 18 months to bring a growth strategy to life and lay the groundwork for performance improvements.

He is primarily responsible for providing strategic vision, framework and hands-on execution for enhancing the brand, marketing, communications and business development process. This includes developing strategic partnerships and global sales channels to increase adoption of Artificial intelligence, SaaS, digital startups and health brands.

Michael has more than 25 years of experience working in international marketing, business development and leadership positions with companies transitioning through the pre-revenue to 1M, 2m - 10m, 10m-100m, 100m - 1B growth journey

He has been helping organizations transform their traction, growth and scaling processes into distinct brands with competitive advantages.

Michael works on a global basis, lived in six countries and has worked with a diverse range cultures and organizations ranging from startups to billion dollar multinationals.

Some of the Fortune 500 brands he’s worked with are:

Microsoft, HP, Nintendo, Boeing, T-Mobile, AT&T, CheckPoint Software, RSA Security, Symantec, BD Biosciences, Teledyne Lecroy and LifeWave.

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Gopal Rajguru

Senior Partner Sales Leadership

Gopal is an international sales leadership educator and coach, university professor, as well as an investor and entrepreneur based in Geneva, Switzerland.

He has more than 30 years experience in international sales and leadership positions, and has since '2000 been helping organizations transform their sales process into a competitive advantage.

With the ability to work in many of our clients' languages, he can help them design and implement a comprehensive business-to-business sales process and supporting tools, build channel sales, help sales leaders become more effective at creating a high-performance culture , consult on strategy, develop and implement customer-centric, innovation programs, facilitate workshops and provide one-to-one and group coaching.

Gopal works on a global basis with clients of all sizes from multinational to local small-to-medium-enterprises across a variety of industries ranging from software and Internet to electronics, telecommunications  and higher education.


John Gale

Senior Partner Corporate Development

John is a senior commercialization and corporate development executive from Silicon Valley.  His consulting business is now based in London. John has a stellar track record in venture funding and M&A, opening and growing markets, new business development and direct sales and client/partner relationship management for startup and Fortune 500 companies in software, Internet/content, semiconductors, social networking, and hardware devices. He's worked with:

Silicon Valley startups, marketing and venture capital units within the Global 500 including Apple, IBM, Lockheed Martin, NEC, Toshiba and others.


Christopher Hermann

Senior Partner Creative and Design

Christoper is a senior creative and design executive, entrepreneur, design thinker and investor originally from Germany.  He's started, owned and operated more than ten companies with diverse interests ranging from digital marketing agencies to an e-book aggregator and vintage car trading. Christopher has an established track record developing successful multi-million euro/dollar ad, brand, PR and advertising client campaigns. He's got a knack for turning struggling brands back into strong performers. He's worked with:

Red Bull, Nintendo, Sony, Universal Music, Nike, P&G, Suzuki, Samsung, DFB, Electronic Arts and other well known brands in the entertainment and film industry.

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Paul Haugen

Senior Partner Strategic Asset Management

Paul is a senior level negotiator with a 25 year established career track record of leadership in technology and real estate based in Seattle. Previous to joining GVG, Paul spent the last three years as a private real estate investor and advisor to startups. Prior to that time, he spent 20 years with Microsoft as the group manager where he managed the Global Procurement Software and Software Asset Management (SAM) team responsible for sourcing software licenses (and related professional services, hardware, and other technical services), cloud services, SaaS, and the delivery, management and maintenance of the internal Software Asset Management Program (SAM).