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Since 2005, we have led the effort to help our customers build their business through sound strategy alignment, sales enablement and co-execution growth, brand, launch new products, test and develop new marketing and sales channels.


Our Mission

We're a tight knit team of seasoned business executives that have built revenue and customer traction channels in nearly every stage of company revenue growth ranging from the $0-10m sprint, to the $10m-$100m+ scaling phase including a few private companies going public and a multi-billion dollar merger and acquisition. We work with well funded startups, small and medium enterprises and Fortune 500 companies across a few industries. They all have one thing in common, growth challenges. The common situations are; what they're doing now to grow revenue isn't working as well as it used to and the growth is stagnating, or they're only using customer traction channels they're familiar with but that's not increasing their revenue or they're a tech founder that's 150% focused on product/service development, has neglected developing customer traction and possibly subscribes to the mindset, "build it and they will come and buy it." In other scenarios, we've work with a number of tech company founders that simply recognize that they need a trusted and seasoned advisor to help coach them along to develop the hands-on skills they need to build customer traction, validate and invalidate markets and more. While these are not all the cases, the world is such a big place and we're here to help.

Global Ventures Group helped us break into a new market segment in Europe for a product we inherited through a new company aquisition for which we had little market knowledge, tight budgets and a downsized team constrained with more responsibility compared to the pre-aquisition days. They understood our new challenge, brought a strong vision to the situation, a sound plan and solid execution that helped us break new ground.
— John Smith, Marketing Manager EMEA Teledyne Lecroy

how we helped our customers make growth happen

  • We mapped out the buyer journey and personas in painstaking detail, and followed up with a high volume of quality leads to feed in this tech manufacture's CRM system with actionable data that led to signifigant revenue growth increase.
  • We designed and developed a lead generation training video series for the European headquarters of a US tech multinational.
  • We established a new revenue stream for a London based eCommerce retailer that was looking for a new growth channel, resulting in revenue the moment we went live with the new program on their website.
  • We setup a new social ads program for a wearables product manufacture in Europe, and validated market segments
  • We've worked with SME founders that were heavy on the product development expertise and light on the sales and marketing experience to find the right growth channel for their business. These customer journeys saved each from over investment of their time and financial resources and the founders developed sharper marketing and sales skills.
  • We created and co-executed a market expansion plan for an Australian health supplement manufacture entering Europe, U.S. and Hong Kong within 18 months. This saved the owners many headaches, reduced their operational costs by 19% and expanded their market presence three-fold.